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Month: April 2017

Brake Magazine Visits The Belfry For Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Day

This month, Brake Magazine was invited to Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Day at the Belfry. Representatives at Ford were on hand to demonstrate the latest offerings in their range of small commercial vehicles- including various editions of the Transit and Tourneo models. Spending the day at the resort, we test drove a number of new commercial vehicles and were guided through the additions that had been made since the previous models. Including the more sporty feeling Transit Custom Sport Van and the Tourneo Custom Titanium L1, which both featured welcome improvements. Transit Custom Sport Van: The first vehicle of the day...

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2017 DS 3 Performance Review

The DS 3 Performance is billed as a true GT car- combining performance, comfort and safety. It certainly lives up to this hype, bringing you more power than you’d expect and one of the most relaxing and enjoyable rides you will experience. It’s even reminiscent of the Renault Sport variants of the 90s. Has DS designed the ultimate 200bhp hot hatch? Let’s find out. Exterior: From the outset, the DS 3 Performance greets you with aggressive styling, as you would expect from this kind of car. Everywhere you take it, people stop and stare as it stands out from...

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2016 Volvo V40 T2 R-Design Review

Volvo claims that the new V40 T2 R-Design was built to express individualism and be “a car that goes beyond the everyday”. This is certainly true at first sight and continues to develop as you spend more time with the car – no easy task in the modern age. The V40’s striking looks help it stand out in a crowded hatchback market, providing something different to the mundane, familiar shapes we’ve come to expect in recent years. Exterior: The V40 has quite an imposing figure, with its V-shaped bonnet and its muscular shoulders stretching behind the headlights. These features,...

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