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2016 Citroen C1 Furio Review

2016 Citroen C1 Furio ReviewScore 69% Score 69%

The Citroen C1 Furio is aimed at bringing young drivers a sporty looking car at a reasonable price. Despite lacking performance power, it remains the perfect city car and with an on the road price of £10,855, this car is both affordable and fun.

The Furio’s visual additions conjure up racing images with 15inch black alloys, red wing mirrors and black stripes on the rear quarter of the car providing contrast to the Lipizzan White paint. Citroen are definitely selling the new C1 on its updated sporty look, and with the addition of both a spoiler and a centre-mounted exhaust tip, it certainly achieves it well. Other than that, the Furio shares the rest of its body with other standard C1 models. It’s also compact and modern which is all that’s needed from an economic city car targeted at new drivers.

Inside the Furio, it’s a slightly basic place to be with a standard trim level and numerous pieces of hard plastics. However, the fabric seats are somewhat comfortable and are certainly adequate for in-town driving. Having said that, the high seating position makes the perceived visibility slightly poorer and the lack of cabin space leaves the driver and passenger feeling slightly cramped. A large speedometer allows you to monitor speed without looking away from the road and the bar style rev counter adds a little fun to driving. Cabin noise can be loud at higher speeds with road sounds leaking in while the air-con is particularly loud when set above medium. In the back, there is almost no space for anything practical- a baby seat being nearly impossible to fit. In terms of space, the boot is very small at just 196L and the sloping floor makes it difficult to load items.

Under the hood, the 81bhp 1.2L Puretech petrol engine is great for the size of the car and manages to accelerate into traffic pretty well. Fuel economy is also great as expected – achieving 65.7mpg and 99g/km in CO2 emissions – making sure fuel and tax costs are kept down. The steering is both responsive and agile while sticking the ground well though braking could be more responsive but shouldn’t present any issues. Despite its size, parking could present some problems to newer drivers with the front of the vehicle being difficult to judge from such a high seating position.

Standard kit in the C1 is minimal with a good quality touch screen in the centre of the dashboard and FM/DAB radio with Bluetooth connectivity for using your phone and streaming music. The sound system comprises of four speakers which are adequate at low volume despite higher volume giving a bass heavy response which is almost overbearing. These can all be controlled from the steering wheel with controls at your fingertips while the 12V and USB connectivity lets you charge tech on the go.

For the large part, the Citroen C1 Furio is a basic city car that remains a good choice for new drivers  looking for something slightly frugal at a low cost.



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