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2016 Infiniti Q30 Sport Review

2016 Infiniti Q30 Sport ReviewScore 71% Score 71%

The 2016 Infiniti Q30 Sport is a practical, premium hatchback and a very good competitor to the BMW and Mercedes equivalents. However, it does fall short in some aspects and fails to pose any serious threat to its competitors.

With a beefed up grille and 19.5-inch black alloys, Infiniti has stepped up the luxury level on this premium hatchback. The swooping curves and angular creases help the Q30 Sport stand out from its rivals making for unique and distinctive styling. Despite the smoother design, the sweeping and human eye inspired headlights are still present from the remainder of the Infiniti range.

The interior feels premium enough to compete with the more expensive BMW 1-Series and Mercedes A-Class with black headlining and part-Alcantara seats. The back seats feel cramped with the mix of dark trim, small windows and chunky rear pillars so you won’t be taking anymore than one of your friends on a drive to show off your new car. The driving experience leaves something to be desired with a few rattles audible from the cabin.

The Q30 Sport’s flexible engine means you don’t have to push it too hard to get the most out of it. The auto gearbox upshifts quickly making for smooth acceleration and decent cruising in the mid-range. The lower, stiffer suspension and sharper steering makes for improved handling allowing cornering to be handled with ease. Bigger brakes also stopping a breeze in any situation.

As expected in a premium hatchback, a prominent touchscreen infotainment system sits at the centre of the dashboard and derives from Nissan’s own system. Automatic Park Assistance, Forward Collision Warning and Intelligent Cruise Control make for a safer drive but does hinder the sporty feeling of the Q30 Sport. Some of the controls are difficult to use and can be frustrating at times so this should be considered if you are interested in this car.



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