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2016 Kia Optima PHEV Review

2016 Kia Optima PHEV ReviewScore 74% Score 74%

With a 7-year warranty and unbelievable pricing, you really cant ask for much more. We were recently invited to the launch of Kia’s first ever Sports-wagon and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) in Munich.

Kia has been long developing their version of a plug-in hybrid. The PHEV will be Kia’s first Plug-in Hybrid vehicle and achieves up to 33 miles of all electric range with CO2 emissions of just 37g/km.

The PHEV is pretty much an exact replica to the original Optima. The sleek design remains with some subtle design alterations to give it an environmentally friendly feel. For instance, the radiator grille closes when it isn’t in use, this is to reduce the amount of air resistance and improve MPG. They have also added a blue tint to the headlights which gives that real electric feel and a beautiful chrome trim. All in all, the PHEV doesn’t really push any boundaries when it comes to design, but then maybe they didn’t have to- starting with such a solid and popular base.

The car is comfortable and well designed, but, that should be expected when it costs upwards of £30k even after your government plug in incentive. As you sit in the drivers seat you do feel you want for nothing. Pretty much everything you could imagine is adjustable to give you real control over your comfort and seating position. The steering columns, dash and the main media hub of the PHEV are pleasant on the eye and extremely user friendly, yet, I can’t help but feel there’s something missing.

With a combined power output of 202bhp and 375Nm of torque, the PHEV has an apt amount of power for those short journeys you’d expect from a plug-in hybrid user. Going to and from recharging points at the office and home is in the Optima’s element, but this isn’t a car you’d choose as a long distance commuter. The weight of the all-new hybrid also effects the cornering of the Optima- it just has a reluctance to turn unlike its lighter competitors. That said, it does absorb the rough terrain of the UK roads quite well like its diesel-powered counterpart.

The PHEV has a docking station for most smart mobile phones to charge wirelessly including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Optima also includes Kia’s nifty reverse cameras and 360 parking sensors, along with auto headlights and windscreen wipers. Being a Plug-in Hybrid, the PHEV is equipped with a number of technological innovations that include regenerative breaking, a driving style guide and ECO-DAS (ECOnomy Driver Assistance System). This system features Coasting Guide Control, a Drive Mode Select button and an HEV ( Hybrid Electric Vehicle) select switch.



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