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2017 Citroen C3 Flair Review

2017 Citroen C3 Flair ReviewScore 73% Score 73%

Since DS became a company in its own right, Citroen has been striving to make their own cars more unique to separate themselves from the shared chassis. The C3 is the latest model to get this treatment, borrowing characteristics from its larger siblings while retaining its own identity with an array of personalisation options. The Flair is the highest spec model in the range and costs £17,505 on the road – £5,000 cheaper than its DS counterpart.


The new C3 makes an immediate impact as it has a unique shape that sets itself apart in a very crowded hatchback market. Its “face” is charismatic, with bold headlights and a powerful bumper and grille. The energetic stance is accentuated by its generous curves and smooth lines that make a bold statement. Sitting on top of the C3 is the “floating” roof that appears to hover thanks to the black front pillars and black accents on the back pillars. Additionally, air bump panels are borrowed from its sibling, the C4 Cactus, which has become a signature feature of the Citroen range. These panels add to the C3’s character as well as providing some protection with their scratch proof surface. Every aspect of the body is customisable with a number of colour options for the main body, roof and inserts.


Inside, the cabin combines refined elements with soft shapes and hard plastics. This combination brings together the seat, dashboard and door styling to create a harmony between the different aspects. Comfort is abundant, with relaxing seats that provide plenty of support in a modern style. There are influences from outside the automotive world present – most notably the luggage style door handles that add a touch of elegance. The sum of these design features create a welcoming cabin thanks to the choice of bright textiles and high-quality visual continuity.


The Flair edition of the C3 provides plenty of power for everyday use and even offers an unexpectedly thrilling ride around city centres. Although it only boasts 100bhp, it feels like there is much more bhp under the bonnet with acceleration only requiring a light touch of the pedal. Coming out of the city, the C3 excels, thanks to its hill start function, making rural adventures a breeze. Fuel economy is as expected in a car of this size, achieving 76.3mpg on a combined cycle.


There is plenty to keep you entertained in the C3, which can all be controlled from the central 7-inch touchscreen system. This includes media streaming via Bluetooth, USB and Aux inputs, as well as Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink which enable the display to reflect what is on your iPhone or Android device. There is also DAB radio fitted that is complemented by the excellent six-speaker stereo system. Yet again, the only downside is the weirdly placed media controls, which sit on stalks behind the steering wheel as opposed to on it.

While the C3 Flair may not have the power of the slightly more expensive DS 3, it certainly makes up for that with its charm and personality. It’s perfect as a city runner and makes for a very capable car for young families. The highly customisable paint options allow you to make the car your own, showing off both your personality and its own in equal measure. The Flair is the highest spec model in the range and comes with a price tag £6,000 more than the Touch, the base model, but it is definitely worth splashing out for the extras you can enjoy.




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