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2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel CJ300 Black Hawk Edition Review

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel CJ300 Black Hawk Edition ReviewScore 70% Score 70%

Afzal Kahn has a long history of creating unique versions of luxury and exotic cars with his companies, Kahn Design and the Chelsea Truck Company. The latest model to be released is the Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel CJ300 Black Hawk Edition – a stunning take on the classic SUV. Almost every inch of the vehicle has been modified in some way to increase its rugged looks and add a flair of luxury to the army favourite.


The Volcanic Rock Satin paint on this SUV is more than enough to catch onlookers’ attention when it arrives in their peripheral vision. When they take a look at it, they will be blown away by the modifications that have been made to the Wrangler’s exterior and find themselves staring at it for an extended period of time. This effect is maximised by the 17inch Satin Black alloys and all terrain tyres, making it ready to attack any situation.

At the front, Afzal Khan has added a wider wings, a custom front fascia, bumper, Tron Ring lighting, LED running lights and an Iron Man bonnet, which sits proudly on its shoulders. These powerful features dominate your attention and make an immediate impact on everyone it passes. Towards the rear, there are four custom quad cross-hair tailpipes and a special edition Chelsea Truck Company spare wheel cover which adds to the prestige of the vehicle.


The interior is very welcoming with red quilted and perforated honeycomb leather GTB Sports seats, centre glove box, arm rests and roof lining. This upholstery makes the Black Hawk feel luxurious and more comfortable than you’d ever expect to find in such a rugged vehicle. These upgrades are accented by the vented machine aluminium foot pedals and stainless steel door entry sill plates. No compromises have been made with this premium reimagining, while the standard model’s cabin space and functionality have been maintained.


As expected from a Wrangler, performance is less than desirable for the most part. Although, this is helped by the 31bhp boost provided by the CTC power upgrade, with the 2.8-litre diesel engine now achieving 230bhp. The Black Hawk is designed to cruise around the streets of Chelsea as drivers nip out for some light shopping. As a result, the downfalls in how it drives become a minor inconvenience and they aren’t likely to bother most of its prospective drivers.

However, on anything much longer, the ride begins to feel agricultural. This is because of the low gears and the stiff suspension that make the rides sluggish and bumpy. Though doubtful, if someone does decide to take it off road, the Black Hawk is perfectly capable of it and what’s a hindrance on the road becomes a godsend off road.


Equipment is sparse on the Black Hawk and only aesthetic upgrades are made over the standard model. This does mean you get the standard safety equipment such as airbags and a roll cage, as well as electronic stability control, a CD player and premium Alpine audio system. Unlike with the standard Wrangler, where a barebones approach is to be expected, a better technology list would be desired considering the Black Hawk is a premium edition. An optional satellite navigation system can be added for an extra £1,663.20 (inc. VAT), which may be a must have for some customers.

Afzal Kahn and the Chelsea Truck Company have successfully combined the American heritage of the Jeep Wrangler with contemporary styling that brings it into a premium market. Upgrades to both the interior and exterior make it stand out from most of the cars on the road today, with a unique appeal that holds the attention of everyone that crosses its path. With a complete vehicle price of £52,995, the Black Hawk is considerably more expensive than the standard model, which arrives at £34,740 on the road. Some may argue that the stature that is attached to the SUV justifies the price tag.




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