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2017 Peugeot 3008 GT Review

2017 Peugeot 3008 GT ReviewScore 77% Score 77%

The facelifted Peugeot 3008 is a big change from the previous generation with the MPV being transformed into an SUV. This is a smart decision considering the SUV market is booming at the moment. Along with this update in style comes an all-new variant, the 3008 GT, a more powerful and aggressive looking upgrade to the standard model.


Every angle of the 3008 GT is stunning. It features ultra-modern styling and a Sci-Fi inspired design. The front end looks powerful, thanks to a chiselled, chequered grille – enhanced by captivating full LED headlights. Stainless steel accents highlight the SUV’s lines, exaggerating its curves and adding to its dynamic profile. GT badges are present on the front wing and tailgate, prominently showing off its pedigree. The optional dual colour paint design, a Peugeot signature, adds to the 3008 GT’s individual appearance, as well as signifying its stance as the manufacturer’s flagship model. Widened wheel arches, 19-inch alloys, aluminium roof bars and chrome mirror shells help finish off its exquisite styling and add to the premium appeal of the SUV.


Comfort is the key element of any premium vehicle’s interior and the 3008 GT certainly provides that. The Nappa Mistral full grain leather trim features quilted seats which are incredibly comfortable, although lacking side bolsters. Along with this, the Sci-Fi influence continues into the cabin and the grey oak dashboard looks and feels like it came from a spacecraft. However, the controls aren’t very optimally placed for their function which is the only design flaw on this vehicle. Media and cruise control stalks hide behind the hexagon shaped steering wheel, which makes them difficult to use and require a lot of learning. Flaws ignored, the comfort and styling features create a luxurious interior and ooze upmarket appeal.


On the road, the 3008 GT feels very safe with attentive steering and an automatic gearbox that changes gear at around 4,500RPM. With 180BHP, this SUV isn’t exactly the fastest but you do feel like you have enough power for an exciting driving experience. This experience is enhanced by the sports mode that, when engaged, stiffens up the steering and lets slightly more power out of the 2.0-Litre diesel engine. The flappy paddle gear shifters feel a little superfluous as there’s never really a time when you’d use them in the 3008 GT, especially not in the way you would use them in a Ferrari or McLaren.


Peugeot’s updated I-Cockpit system adds an experience that no other car on the road today can offer you, thanks to its unique way of providing information. A 12.3-inch head-up display can be configured to suit every driver’s needs with three modes: Dials, which emulates the classic analogue setup, Navigation, which places the dials on their sides to a roller format and displays 3D navigation instructions and lastly, Driving, which keeps the roller dial format but adds driver assist information -including Lane Keeping Assistance. Most drivers will opt for the classic Dials mode but the other two modes add more excitement and adventure to your daily drive. At the centre of the console is an 8-inch capacitive touch-screen featuring the usual applications we see in every car today – CD player, DAB radio, Bluetooth, phone connectivity, satellite navigation and Apple CarPlay.

The Peugeot 3008 GT is the perfect example of what the French marque can do when they strive for a more premium package. The only real flaws are the ones found across the Peugeot, Citroen and DS ranges, most notably the weird media control positioning on stalks behind the wheel. This car sits happily amongst its rivals and comes in at a similar price band. Its price matches the competition at £33,155 on the road, while bringing a more premium package and memorable looks.




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