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2016 Citroen Cactus Review

2016 Citroen Cactus Review

Introducing the Citroën Cactus- the car that dares to be different. With eye-catching looks, spacious interior and an excellent starting price, the Cactus is more than comfortable competing with its rivals- the Nissan Juke and Skoda Yeti.


Straight away, the car is fun to drive. The pedals are well spaced and the steering wheel is small and light and easy to react, it’s not completely round and definitely flat on the bottom, so it’s more like a round square.


Gear shifts are long but smooth, and the clutch is light making it the perfect car for a young family or someone looking to drive something fairly simplistic. There’s no rev counter but the car does show you when to shift. Also, for the size of the engine, the car feels a lot livelier and quicker than expected, and its economic performance is outstanding.


Interior space is great with the Cactus and boot is also good. The interior of the Cactus is pretty basic and the two technical displays stand out from the main dashboard. Simple but effective, the dashboard is perhaps as straight-forward as you could get in a new car. Most of the time, the only thing that is visible is the speed, in the form of a retro digital readout. It’s reminiscent of an old 8-bit Nintendo pocket machine. As soon as I was staring at it I had thoughts of Knightrider and Nintendo rolled into one.

Likewise, the entertainment system is easy-to-use, and sound is delivered through four speakers in the main car body- sound is crisp and clear with a basic bass. Elsewhere in the vehicle’s interior, you can find several quirky strap handles, again adding something a little different. The interior generally feels well-made and functional with no nonsense to confuse newer drivers.

Let’s face it, you either love or hate the car’s exterior, which comes equipped with its unique air bump system to protect door panels from bumps in the carpark or gentles scrapes when going round corners.

It’s kind of like wrapping your car in bubble wrap. And with its corners also made from plastic, you’d guess that it’s probably a lot cheaper to replace certain parts as opposed to full repairs. It also gives the car a kind of urban military look, making you feel like it’s a mini SUV when it’s just a small car. Finished off with attractive alloy wheels, the car sits on the road well and looks fantastic.


With the prices starting at just £9999.99, the Citroën Cactus gets a thumbs up from Brake Magazine.

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