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2016 Mercedes Vito Sport X Review

2016 Mercedes Vito Sport X Review

Introducing the Mercedes Vito Sport X, effortlessly eye-catching, a truly bold statement invigorated by the vans sheer size- a neo-modern smooth design demonstrating Mercedes dominance in the vehicle manufacturing industry.Vito-sport-x-side-image-339-229

Sporting a combination of technological advancements, a luxurious interior and impressive 3.2 v6 engine, the Vito Sport X is the epitome of glamorous travel, from the modern chrome detailed exterior, various light technologies such as bi-xenon headlights, halogen fog lamps and adaptive break lights the Mercedes Vito Sport X is elegant and purposeful.

Inside, the Sport X is equipped with comfort enhancing gadgets, ranging from standard van features like armrests for passengers, lock-able glove compartments providing not only additional space for the driver but a secure feel. A centre console with a stowage compartment is another feature that provides additional space for the driver. Mercedes have introduced more luxurious features to improve the aesthetic appeal, comfort and the overall quality of the van, including air conditioner with automatic heater control.


Focus has been applied to the seats, avoiding the basic original concept- Mercedes opted for using sports-style individual chairs that amplified the sports style of the van. The seating was a unique and compelling aspect that impressed our director. More over the vans physical layout is spacious, allowing for further additional seats to be added (if needed). After practical features, Mercedes experimented with increasing style- electrically operated windows, leather covered steering wheel and black shaded glass (rear) are aspects that convey the sophisticated design. To add a more relaxed and homely quality to the Vito Sport X, Mercedes has used electrical auxiliary heating with heat insulating glass (all-round).

With two full seats in the front and a bench in the back there is enough room for 5 people as well as a healthy space for suitcases or large boxes / packages in the back. With the Sport X being a sports van, it will be more apposite for families or perfect for someone that might want to run luxury taxi or chauffer services.

The model that we had was fitted with brabus alloy wheels; we thought that really demonstrated the status of this vehicle without compromising the ride quality on slightly lower profile tyres.


When buying a vehicle, after visual presence and performance, safety is an integral factor- whether it is the safety of the driver whilst driving or the security-feel that the van has. Mercedes have recognised the vital urgency to manufacture a van that can empower the driver. Incorporating standard safety features like airbags for both driver and passenger, child locks and 3 point seat belts (all seats) provide an instant safety feel. Additional safety features like adaptive ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) and battery management guarantee a more secure feel.

Although, the Vito Sport X was not the most fuel conscious when compared to other cars we have test driven (understandable), it did, however prove to be surprisingly frugal for the 3.2 V6 engine.

Overall the Mercedes Sport X is a visually striking sports van, sleek and streamlined in its fairly simple design, yet the chrome accents enhanced the van by creating a classier style than that of a normal van. Buyers should also remember the power of the engine; the Sport X is more than physical beauty. Whether for work relevance- ie delivery vans or taxi drivers the Sport X is a modest choice, though the price tag of £35,595 may seem steep- we believe that the van is worth it.


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