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Volvo V90 Momentum Pro Review

Volvo V90 Momentum Pro Review

The Volvo V90 T4 Momentum Pro brings together the latest automotive technology from the visionary car manufacturer who are always looking to raise the bar with their tech.


The V90 is kitted out with the latest tech but it also looks visually stunning. The Mussel Blue is nice simple colour That is complemented nicely by the modern and stylish body.

The exterior silver trims give the car a very polished and modern look. The front end of the car has a powerful look with the grille and dynamic lines.


The leather seats, silver trim and dark wood effect panels work well together to give the car a fluid design and very minimalist look. The leather seats are very firm and are very comfortable. They make long journeys comfortable and its what you should expect with a luxury estate car.

The central system has been replaced by an all in one touch screen system that has everything you would need to control your car’s electronics. It has vertical air vents at the side that are very strong when turned up full.

There isn’t all that much head room in the front of the car. For a 5’10 person there was about 2-3 inch between his head and the ceiling. However, the leg room in the car is a huge highlight. Even in the back you have a lot of room which makes a long journey comfortable.


The car has three modes you can switch between. 1) Eco mode, which saves on fuel and reduces the performance of the car. 2) Comfort mode, which is what it says it is a smooth ride and easy to drive. 3) Dynamic mode which tightens up the steering wheel, so it feels like its resisting and you don’t really feel too much power from the mode.

There isn’t a great deal of boot space for an estate car but it should be good enough for most people.


The central system is clean and compact with a nine inch screen that has everything you would need for a drive built in. You can also download apps like Spotify which is very convenient and easy to control.

It has a city safety feature that detects pedestrian, cyclist and large animals as well as front collision warning. The car itself attempts to avoid collisions through self emergency breaking. If you are going over 18mph and the collision is unavoidable the seatbelts will tighten up ready for impact to reduce the damage to the people in the car.

The technology is astounding in this car and just makes it feel like a Volvo. The pilot assist feature makes the car feel almost automatous which excited us about the future of Volvo.

All things considered, The Volvo V90 is a luxury estate car. It has a lot of space inside the car and the design of the car is stunning. It is a comfortable and confident drive with a little bit of power. The price for this model with optional extras is a £44,880. But for a premium luxury estate car and all of its features it is worth it.

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