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Jaguar F-Pace Review

Jaguar F-Pace Review

The all new all wheel drive SUV was a dramatic change to what we are familiar with when we think of a Jaguar. We think high power, elegance and good quality technology. However, This model felt a bit lacklustre for us when it came to the power and it feels like they have added more technology and reduced the quality of the overall feel.

The exterior of the car was perfect. The large body and subtle indents really gave the car its own personality and curved look. The large grille at the front makes the car look even more powerful and really catches your eye.

It has 19” alloy wheels that raise the car high off the ground finishing the powerful look that really attracted us to it. It has a large fixed panoramic roof that gives the overall design a clean elegant look and from the inside it is fantastic for looking out of.

The interior design was exactly what we was expecting from Jaguar, It was an effortless looking design that looked elegant. The seats were perforated Windsor leather luxury seats that were extremely comfortable and perfect for a long journey. With a decent amount of head room you didn’t feel boxed in.

The centre console storage was a really good size to store all that we needed close by. It was also finished off with a satin chrome finisher which made the design flawless. The centre console command centre fit into the design perfectly and was really easy to navigate.

The car has a 380W Meridian sound system that was a pleasure listening to. The sound was clear and has a little bass to it. The car also comes with DAB radio as well as Bluetooth connectivity and most of the smartphone wireless connections like ApplePlay.

The car also has a keyless entry and start system which makes being on the move really quick. The rear view camera was more than we was expecting. It was incredibly clear and really easy to see anything that was behind us.

The performance of the car was lacking for our taste but you could get 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds with a max speed of 135mph. The average miles per gallon was around 48.7 and the emissions were quite high with 153 g/km.

Prices starting from £35,000, this car has the technology to back up the price but the performance and thrill of driving just fell short for us. However, the comfortability was perfect and the design was flawless so if you’re going for a family car that looks amazing it is a great choice.

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