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Subaru XV Review

Subaru XV Review

The all new 2018 compact crossover SUV from Subaru far exceeds their previous XV model which was released in 2012. It is more spacious, has a stunning design and just far better worth for the money you spend on it.


There are 6 body colour options including: Crystal White Pearl, Pure Red, Ice Silver Metallic, Quartz Blue Pearl, Dark Grey Metallic and Cool Grey Khaki. We drove the Quartz Blue Pearl and it was a beautiful colour that rally complimented the design of the car and the black trim.

It has 18” alloy wheels that raised the car quite high off the ground helping the look of a SUV. The headlights were a really nice shape and the car comes with High Beam Assist which automatically adjusts the lights during the night so that you get the maximum visibility without disturbing other driver’s.


Inside the car is a very spacious design that gives the driver and all passengers a lot of room for comfortable long journeys. There was a lot of headroom for the driver who is about 5’9. The boot space was average for the size of the vehicle but the back seats fold down if you do need more room.

The seats were fabric and looked quite comfortable. However they felt a bit firm and uncomfortable especially on longer drives. The steering wheel and gearshift knob are leather wrapped making them very easy to grip and control.


Like most modern cars the Subaru XV was kitted out with a lot of the latest technology like the start & stop system. It also has EyeSight which is Subaru’s driver assist technology. EyeSight uses multiple factors and technologies to attempt to reduce the risk of a collision and if unavoidable it attempts to reduce accident severity.

The lane detection didn’t seem that good. As you approached the line it would abruptly jolt you across to the other side and it felt very uneasy as a driver. The centre console has an 8inch touch screen infotainment centre that is incredibly easy and simple to use.


It was nothing overly exciting to drive. It is more designed as a built up family car or for traveling. It was a 2 litre engine that went from 0-62 in 10.4 seconds. It has a max speed of 120mph and an average fuel consumption of 40.9 miles per gallon. For the size of the car the C02 emissions seemed surprisingly good with it being 155 g/km.

The Subaru XV starts around £28,495. But with its spacious design and use its technology the journeys were relaxed and somewhat comfortable. However, the seats got a bit uncomfortable at times and there wasn’t much excitement from the performance. This would be a fantastic family car especially for those who love to travel.

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