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Toyota GT86 Review

Toyota GT86 Review

The Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ are very similar, but they have subtle differences that make the experience different and more rewarding for different drivers. The Toyota is slightly more expensive than the Subaru, but which is better? I will be looking into the Toyota GT86 and what it is like to drive this stunning coupe.


There are indent design features throughout this car giving it a lot of character. Especially the indent on the roof which makes the car look very aerodynamic and will be quite fast. It has 17” alloy wheels. The lights are quite a nice and unique shapes that give the car a more distinctive look.


The seats front seats are very firm and hold you in place very easily when you are going round corners. The back seats are comfortable but seem more designed for children due to the lack of room in the back.

The pedals are all aluminium sports pedals which stand out against the darker colours of the car. They also look very appealing and that they suit the sporty feel of the car. The reach and rake adjustable steering wheel is very comfortable and adapts very well to your comfortability when driving.


The centre console has a 6.1-inch touchscreen system that is easily accessible and very straightforward when navigating through its features. There is a six-speaker audio system throughout the car that is a pleasure to listen to if you enjoy a bit of music or the radio when driving.

There is an optional rear-view camera. The windows retract and go up very quickly which is perfect for that British weather when its nice one minute and stormy the next.


With a top speed of 140mph the car has a bit of power but there isn’t any major thrill that you get from it. The drive can be uncomfortable at first but as you drive more and learn the flat spots it becomes a pleasure to drive. The car has a track mode which turns off the traction control and heightens the throttle response.

It is a six-speed manual which is very easy to switch gears and feel effortless. The average fuel consumption is around 36.2mpg which can be quite expensive in the long run, but the stunning design of the car and its reliability are worth it.

The ‘86’ logo is throughout the car on the steering wheel and the back of the car. It is a fully focused driver design to give the driver a enhanced experience and a more thrilling ride. The on the road prices comes out to £26.885 which is not for a new driver but would be perfect for the more experienced driver who is looking for new thrills and showing off a streamlined design car.

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