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2016 Nissan Qashqai Review

2016 Nissan Qashqai Review

The Nissan Qashqai is the most popular crossover in the UK and started the country’s love affair with the crossover – a blend of a hatchback and an SUV. This year the model turned 10 and is as popular as it’s ever been, if not more popular, you can’t go anywhere without seeing at least three on the way.


Inside, the Qashqai is extremely well built and has a stylish appearance, considering the price range it sits in. The trim is mainly made up of hard plastics set off by elegant glossy black strips that add a premium feel to it. An optional panoramic roof brings the world into the car and works particularly well in a city environment, where the Qashqai will most of its use. There is plenty of space inside the cabin which feels spacious, though it is more suited to families and wouldn’t be comfortable for five adults.


Outside, there are remnants of the Qashqai’s original styling cues but it is completely made over and it looks a lot more striking than its predecessor. Nissan has added a more upmarket feel, raising the profile of the Qashqai to a whole new market without leaving its current demographic behind. There are cues to its SUV pedigree with a raised ride height, roof rails and black plastic detailing. At the front, it looks sharper with angular headlamps and LED running lights contributing to the distinctive Nissan “smile”. Smooth aerodynamic lines flow through the length of the body leading to the wrap around LED taillamps at the rear.


Nissan is constantly developing their diesel engines which mean the latest generation revs smoother and is more economical than ever before. It accelerates and shifts promptly leading to a lively performance on the road, perfectly suited for inner city travel and longer motorway runs. The Qashqai’s most economical option, 1.5dCi diesel engine, achieves 74.3mpg on a combined cycle, while emissions are 99g/km making it road tax-free. While handling, it feels composed and has a surprising amount of grip on the road. Nissan’s excellent Active Trace makes it extremely responsive under braking, as it allows all of the wheels to be individually controlled.


The Qashqai features a very intuitive touchscreen system that can be expected in the class-leading crossover. Menus are easy to navigate and they allow you to set up your satellite navigation and connected devices with ease. Unfortunately, though, it falls short in speaker experience as the music sounds tinny, however, this can be fixed with the optional audio system upgrade.

10 years on the Qashqai is still ahead of any of the competition in the thriving and ever growing UK crossover market. Families will find it suitable for all of their needs and will stick with it for a long time due to its high build quality and Nissan’s excellent service and warranty plans. It is also one of the greenest family cars on the market as no other brand can match its 74.3mpg fuel economy.

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