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2016 Jeep Cherokee Review

2016 Jeep Cherokee ReviewScore 71% Score 71%

Everyone has heard of or seen the Jeep Cherokee since its launch in 1986 but now that familiar face has changed with the new 2016 model. The rugged looks are gone as the SUV market moves towards more car influenced designs but the Cherokee still manages to keep some of its rugged driving experience.

The Cherokee has always been popular with families as it provides the perceived safety of a higher ride height and practicality with lots of space available. The 2016 model, however, has lost some of that space and the back seats leave little leg room even with the seats all the way back. The dashboard is well laid out with an attractive design and lots of standard equipment. The test model came with the beige leather trim option which brings a level of luxury to the family SUV with splashes of chrome although it isn’t as high quality as the BMW X3, Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLC.

On the road, the ride is comfortable thanks to the soft suspension and tall body but the steering leaves a lot to be desired. The 9-speed gearbox is very impressive with its smooth and fast changes and always feels like it’s in the right gear. Considering how big the Cherokee is, the fuel economy is good and CO2 emissions are quite low which keeps its running costs relatively affordable. The model tested was the 2.2L Diesel and surprisingly it managed to get 50mpg under everyday use. CO2 emissions achieve 149g/km which makes tax payments only £145, a reasonable figure considering the size of the Cherokee.

With the Cherokee’s Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system and nine-speaker Alpine stereo system, there is plenty to keep children and adults alike entertained on long trips. The DAB Radio features an Aux, USB and SD card media hub and the Bluetooth can connect to your phone for hands-free calling, audio and video streaming and even text message reading.



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