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2016 Nissan Note Review

2016 Nissan Note ReviewScore 67% Score 67%

The 2016 Nissan Note is a practical and comfortable small car with great visibility and a modern and sporty look to boot. This time around, we got the 1.2 n-tec manual in Sonic Blue for a week’s test with some A and B-road action and loads of in-town driving.

With a moulded bumper and 16-inch alloys, Nissan has certainly engaged in improving style with the latest model and you can see the benefits immediately. The 2016 Note also encompasses its sportiest look today with more refined edges and attractive lines plus headlights which are more wrapped into the shape of the car- unlike the Juke. Having said that, the a-pillar windows are somewhat needless and give no real benefit or extra visibility.

The interior offers just about enough headroom, although anybody over 6ft could struggle in the back. There is, although, plenty of room for both driver and passenger. The Note also comes with a nice trim level and mid-grade plastic and ride comfort is firm but fair. In terms of storage, the double glovebox is a pleasant bonus and fabric panels add extra quality.

Performance-wise, the Nissan Note is essentially lacking in power, and despite some accurate gear shifts, it remains somewhat sluggish. It’s effectively slow to do anything and almost goes at its own pace rather than yours. The brakes are also almost too good for a vehicle of its size but a fantastic turning circle makes for an enjoyable drive, and older drivers or the newly-passed would pair well with the Note.

For what it lacks in performance, the Note makes up for in technology and safety features- especially impressive for such a small car. Its excellent sound system and four-speaker CD stereo with AUX fares well for younger drivers. We also enjoyed the dashboard which lights up with a green hue to show you are driving responsibility. The car also comes with blind spot indicators, a reverse parking cam and cruise control as standard.



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